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Thanks, your copy of Data Governance Literacy is in your inbox. Enjoy!

Thanks, your copy of Data Strategy is in your inbox. Enjoy!

Data Governance Literacy eBook

How to build responsive & resilient data governance teams. 

Data governance literacy is the ability to define data, the parameters of data quality, understand the provenance of the data, and champion protection to serve as a catalyst in a data-driven organization. literacy and data governance don’t have much in common except the word “data”, but it isn’t that simple. Most organizations that do data governance well...

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Data Strategy

How to build & maintain a killer data strategy

A data strategy is a holistic view of your data program from raw data to insights. It covers everything from management, governance, and usage to architecture, engineering, and archival.


...If you don't have a strategy for moving forward, every obstacle feels like the one that will keep you stuck. 

Data Strategy eBook

Thanks, your copy of Agile Data Governance Kickstart is in your inbox. Enjoy!

Data Culture Enablement

Data culture enablement defined and demystified.

Coming soon...

Agile Data Governance Kickstart

How to kickstart your data governance efforts into high gear.

Traditional methods of data governance have failed our organizations. They are too slow, bureaucratic, and rigid to deliver value. Refining the scope of data governance increases our likelihood of success.

Understanding agility as a concept focused on operating at the speed of business improves our time to value. 

Data Governancec Kickstart eBook
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