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laura madsen

Laura Madsen is a renowned global data strategist, advisor, keynote speaker, and accomplished author with over two decades of experience in the field.


Laura has become a leading voice in data strategy, coaching data leaders across a wide range of industries including healthcare, government, manufacturing, and technology.


Her expertise and insights have been shared at hundreds of conferences and events worldwide, where she has inspired countless organizations and individuals with her iconoclastic disrupter mentality, encouraging them to challenge the norm and embrace innovative approaches to data management.



Laura is a prominent author and expert in the field of data. With a robust background in data management and strategy, she has authored three influential books: Disrupting Data Governance, Healthcare Business Intelligence, and Data-driven Healthcare. Madsen's work focuses on leveraging data to drive innovation and efficiency. Her latest book, AI & the Data Revolution, will be released in July - stay tuned by getting on her pre-release list.

Healthcare Business Intelligence
Data-Driven Healthcare
AI & the Data Revolution
Disrupting Data Governance


Over the past two decades, Laura Madsen has established herself as a sought-after keynote presenter and speaker, sharing her expertise in data strategy and governance at numerous industry conferences and events worldwide. Laura's ability to convey complex concepts in an engaging and applicable manner has earned her acclaim and recognition as a thought leader, consistently influencing and inspiring her peers in the field.  

Here are a few topics Laura is known for talking about:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Disrupting Tradition

  • Data Strategy

  • Data Governance

  • Women in Technology



Laura's deep experience and proven track record as a data leader, author, speaker, and influencer in data governance, healthcare business intelligence, and data-driven healthcare makes her the ideal advisor to elevate your organization's data strategies. Her innovative approach and candid nature have helped numerous organizations harness the power of data to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. By partnering with Laura, you can leverage her extensive knowledge and industry insights to transform your data management practices and achieve your strategic goals.

Hire Laura when you need:

  • Advice or coaching

  • AI readiness assessment

  • Data strategy

  • Data governance framework

  • Build effective data teams

  • A fresh perspective

  • The truth

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