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the flerlage twins

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Ken Flerlage

Tableau Visionary | Hall of Fame


Kevin Flerlage

Tableau Visionary | 5x

Ken & Kevin Flerlage are two of the most well-known and admired Tableau experts in the world.  These identical twin brothers have a deep passion for data visualization and sharing their knowledge with others. Over the past eight years their contributions to the Tableau community include nearly 400 blog posts on, dozens of presentations given every year at conferences and user groups around the globe, countless questions answered on the Tableau Forums, 500 amazing dashboards published on Tableau Public, and so much more.  We could go on and on, but you get it - they're pretty much the bee's knees when it comes to Tableau.

Examples of their work

Superstore Regional Sales Scorecard
Poverty Rates by County
Song Quiz Game Play Analysis
High School Bowling Metrics
Brood X Cicada Infographic
HR Attribution Analysis
World Series in Review
Viz of the Day Analysis
Law and Order Network
Tableau Public Stats Tool
Analysis of NFL Coaches
Office Social Distancing Floor Plan
Fleetwood Mac Band Members
Actuals vs Projections Dashboard
A History of the Fifa World Cup

How to engage with them

Visualizing Data in Tableau.png

Private & Public Training

Learn how to visualize data the Flerlage way. From beginner bootcamps focused on the basics of data visualization data in Tableau, to niche master classes in advanced topics such as data modeling and complex calculations, there are upskill opportunities available for everyone, offered publicly and privately.  View our public training schedule or contact us for more information about private, customized trainings for your group.


Fractional Data Hero Subscription

When you don't have in-house data experts or you want to turbo charge your team's capabilities without footing a six-figure bill for a deeply-experienced full-time employee, you keep a fractional data hero from Moxy on your staff, for a (you guessed it) fraction of the price.  Fractional Data Hero subscriptions range anywhere from 10 - 40 hours per month, for as a short as three months and as long as you need it.  They can be adjusted up or down, or cancelled at anytime, with a 30 - 60 day notice.  


Data Projects

You can hire the Flerlage twins for your deliverable-based data project work.  They can do just about everything from performance assessments and tuning, dashboard requirements gathering, design and build, to data modeling and engineering, to Tableau Cloud/Server configurations to 1:1 training, advising and coaching.  Project work is done for a fair predetermined fixed fee based on scope, complexity and velocity.


Tableau Lifeline

For those one-off problems, Tableau Lifeline is... well, a lifeline.  This ad-hoc service could save your resources from spending hours, days or even weeks banging their heads against a sticky challenge.  Instead they can get the help they need, when they need it from the best-of-the-best in Tableau expertise.  Tableau Lifeline sessions can be purchased in single sessions or discounted packages of up to 10, with easy online booking and checkout.  Learn more »


Public Speaking

Headline your next Tableau event with the Flerlage twins, Ken and Kevin Flerlage. Known for their mastery in data visualization and Tableau, they bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and fun to every presentation. Whether you're looking to educate or energize, the Flerlage twins are sure to captivate your audience with their engaging style and expert insights.

Fractional Data Hero
Tableau Lifeline
Data Projecs

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