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We enable people to solve problems with data.

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Moxy Analytics helps companies enable thriving data cultures where everyone is equipped with the knowledge and tools to ask better questions and get better, faster answers. Data culture enablement is a strategic effort to enable data-informed decision-making as a core shared value throughout an organization, and in our experience you need six components to be successful;  data literacy, data visualization, specialized support, data governance and data management operations, technology, and last but not least a killer strategy to bring it all together.

Components of Data Culture Enablement


Data Literacy

A company-specific data champion program that will teach your employees how to turn your data into actionable insights, using your tech and your business language.


Data Visualization

Easy access to timely, meaningful, and trusted reports and dashboards needed to run your business day in and day out.


Specialized Support

Easy access to support resources that specialize in your data-related technology stack, as well as subject matter expertise in your reporting data sources.


Data Governance & Data Management

The functions that enable your desired outcome from raw data to insights; covering everything from data creation, management, governance, and usage to architecture, engineering, and archive/deletion.



Data storage, modeling, architecture, management, access, transformation, analysis, and visualization tools appropriate for your current and future analytics needs.



A plan of action to coordinate the aforementioned people, processes and technologies in service of data culture enablement.


things we do

Data Literacy

  • Data Literacy Assessments

  • Applied Data Literacy Programs

  • Internal Community Building

  • Content Development

  • Train-the-Trainer

Data Governance & Manage

  • Coaching & Advisory Services

  • Agile Data Governance Kickstart

  • Data Management & Quality

  • Data Governance Literacy

Data Visualization & Prep

  • Dashboard Design & Development

  • Data Wrangling

  • Conceptual Data Modeling

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Dashboard Design Standards


  • Tool Evaluation & Assessment

  • Proof of Concepts

  • User Adoption Measurement

  • RFP Assistance 

Specialized Support

  • Tableau Lifeline

  • Fractional Data Hero

  • Tableau & Power BI Training
  • 1:1 Coaching 

  • Documentation


  • Strategic Assessments

  • Strategic Roadmaps

  • Analytics Maturity Assessments

  • Fractional Chief Data Officer



As female data leaders, we’re not afraid to show our rebel roots. We’ve seen  how the status quo breeds dependencies on consultants just so clients can get through the day, and how it leaves brilliant, hardworking people with less than they deserve. We believe there’s a better way for clients and employees alike and we’ll take risks to prove it.

Madsen_2023 Pro_edited.jpg

Laura Madsen

Chief Blow-shit-up Officer


Serena Roberts

Chief Get-shit-done Officer


We believe that data strategy isn’t really about technology or single sources of truth – it’s about people and the problems they face. We enable people to solve problems with data. And we seek to work ourselves out of every project we take on.

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People First: This work starts and ends with people. We define problems through the eyes of the people they affect. We craft bespoke solutions centered around user experience, and we understand the critical importance of bringing people along on the journey.

Flexible Solutions: We are experts in many industry-leading tools and frameworks, but we always consider our client’s actual needs before recommending specific tools or technologies. We dig in deep to understand their unique situation and use that knowledge to advocate for a toolset that reflects the requirements of the organization. 

Long-term, sustainable impact: We help put the people, tools, and processes in place to solve data challenges. Then we plan to walk away and celebrate our client’s ability to succeed without us. Of course, we’re never more than a phone call or email away when support is desired. 



Director, Analytics
Large Health Plan

...valued consultant and advisor to me, always willing to tackle challenges with a great sense of humor.

...practical advice based on deep experience, delivered in a collaborative and supportive manner.

Technology Executive
Online Retailer

…they delivered an innovative, game-changing solution to our code-heavy data bottleneck.

...their part-time, flexible availability worked well with our sporadic needs and budget.

I’ve worked with some vendors where it feels like it's a union contract. They've been very good to work within our needs. I wouldn’t even know that she’s putting in part-time hours – it almost feels like she’s a full-time employee. I feel like I’m getting a great value.

Senior Manager, IT
Large Financial Services Company

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