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Women with Moxy: Emily Kund

Tell us about yourself...who are you to the world?

I’m Emily and I’m a mom of two teens 🤯, two pups, wife, and mom-joke teller. I was a bank examiner for 18 years before switching to a full-time career in data visualization, as a trainer, enablement consultant, and now data visualization specialist.  I’ve always said that I wanted to be a modern day renaissance woman. To some parts of the world, I’m the person who was a Tableau Ambassador, founder of the Tableau Fringe Festival, & Vizzies Award Co-founder & Co-host. To others in the world, I’m a pageant queen and wannabe model who walks in NYFW events. And to others, I’m always trying to challenge myself with fitness, whether it’s trying to be everyday fit in spite of my Fibromyalgia, lifting, or martial arts.

Was there a moment when you first realized you had Moxy? 

I think the first time I really realized I had moxy was when I entered a fitness competition at the age of 39.  I love lifting and wanted to do something that scared and challenged me.  I came in 10th overall and surprised myself by how much I loved it (even though I looked SUPER nervous). 

Tell us about a time when your Moxy has impacted your life... 

I made the really hard decision to leave a career of 18 years. That took guts, especially since I consider myself risk averse. It was scary and I thought I knew what I wanted to do which led to more unease and stops and starts in entrepreneurship until I found what I really loved, training. I learned so many lessons and so much about myself that I apply even today.  

Share something unsuspecting about you? 

I think that depends on who you ask! For some, they would say that it’s that I have practiced martial arts.  For others, it’s that I nerd out over spreadsheets. And for someone else, it’s that I have competed (and won a national title) in pageantry!

I’ve also been on a billboard in Times Square (in NY)! I guess you could say that I try to live up to my full potential.

How do you recharge your Moxy?

I go away for a weekend (though I’d be really recharged if it was a week) to stay in a hotel with a water view. I feel grounded and yet my mind is open to all of the potential I can achieve. I do what I want, when I want, and treat myself to amazing dinners. 

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to work with Jane Goodall and monkeys. I guess as I grew up, that didn’t seem like it was possible, so instead, I wanted to be a pediatric doctor who specialized in teen patients. 


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