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Womxn with Moxy: Meg Johnson

Tell us about yourself. Who are you to the world?

I am Meg Johnson. I am from a small town in southern Minnesota called Conger. I currently live in Minneapolis. I’ve explored different roles in the analytics industry and have always felt a pull towards data engineering. I recently joined Matillion as a Commercial Sales Engineer.

Tell us about a time when your moxy impacted your life.

I think my moxy has allowed me to become a hard worker, explore new opportunities, and build relationships in school and work. I’m very excited to continue to grow with moxy and surprise myself by taking on new challenges.

Share something unsuspecting about you?

I used to pride myself on having the best memory. When I was younger, I never forgot about any assignments or appointments even though I never really wrote anything down. In the past few years, that has definitely not been the case. I feel like now I am always creating new systems and habits to help me remember all the things on my plate. Always open to new organization ideas too!

How do you recharge your moxy?

I feel the most recharged when I have a great balance between health & wellness and enjoying regular fun outings with friends. My morning routine is also very important to me. It’s my time to take care of myself and it involves some of my favorite things - coffee, breakfast, exercise.


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