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Womxn with Moxy: Sarah Fletcher

Tell us about yourself. Who are you to the world?

I’m Sarah Fletcher. I’m currently finishing my master’s in clinical social work at St Mary's. Between that, my job as a Mental Health Practitioner at Nystrom and Associates, I am a mom to my three kids. Which most days are an absolute joy. Oh, and I’m Laura’s sister.

Was there a moment when you first realized you had moxy?

Huh, oddly I don’t think I have “moxy” per se. I’m kind of a peace & love person. But f#ck

with my kids and I got Moxy for dayyyyyyyys. Like when my son was being bullied by the teachers and administrators of the school that was supposed to be the haven for kids like him.

Share something unsuspecting about you?

I’m an open book for the most part so the “unsuspecting” part is hard. I harbor a love for Tarot readings, I’m a Trekkie (resistance is futile) and I enjoy chaos. Maybe enjoy is a strong word choice, I tolerate chaos, and seem to have a natural affinity for calming it.

How do you recharge your moxy?

It depends on the day and what’s gone down. Sometimes it’s a quiet moment with tea and a book. Sometimes it’s couch time with the kids watching Star Trek. Sometimes it’s writing about self-care so I can spread the word and develop a cult following...kidding, kind of.


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