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Womxn with Moxy: Sarah Nell-Rodriquez

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi, I’m Sara Nell-Rodriquez. I studied elementary education in college and quickly decided that field was not for me. After lots of wandering, I fell into tech and have been in tech for over 10 years working with software companies. Today I am a sr. Manager of a customer success team, and at night I moonlight as a data literacy guru to the masses.

When did you realize you had moxy?

My mother would say since I first learned to talk. There are very few moments in my life where I've stunned into silence, or not driven by an idea. My brain is always on and looking for creative outlets. My realization as far as moxy goes? Probably when I started public speaking. I realized my message resonated with many, and everyone wants to see recognition of what they’ve gone through in life. To be seen, acknowledged. I try to bring that to my talks.

Tell us about a time when your moxy impacted your career journey?

In 2013 I lost my job. I was laid off, and luckily, provided a severance. Two weeks later I had a job, and on my way to speaking, teaching, and sharing data journeys with people around the world. Being laid off, while scary, was the best thing that ever happened. A year and a half later I left Wisconsin where I’d been my whole life, and moved to Seattle where the had a job that took me from London to India. Change is so scary especially when unexpected, and I would do it again and again!

What songs are in your fav playlist?

I love sea shanty’s! They are great to listen to while eating oysters. Irish folk music, for cold weekends. Billy Eilish has an amazing new album. Wait, Wait don’t tell me for nerdy quiz humor. And George Winston for chill piano while cooking.


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